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A Pool Lesson With Jerry Briesath 3-DVD Instructional Series

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A Pool Lesson With Jerry Briesath 3-DVD Instructional Series

Jerry Briesath is one of the top instructors in the country. He helped start the Billiard Congress of America’s (BCA) instructor program, which is now the Professional Billiard Instructor’s Association (PBIA). Jerry is a Master level instructor in the PBIA, and the BCA has given Jerry the honor of being the Dean of Master Instructors.

This 3-DVD series is one of the most informative and exhaustive instructional video sets in the world. You will learn the same techniques Jerry uses to teach the pros, and with practice, you can become the player you've always wanted to be. This series contains more than 4 hours of instruction on more than 50 topics (which would be worth thousands of dollars in personal lessons).

Included in this DVD series are:

  • FUNDAMENTALS: Stance, grip, bridge, stroke, break and aim.
  • MANAGING THE CUE BALL: Spin, tangent lines, speed trade-off, position.
  • BANKING AND KICKING: Making it all make sense.
  • DRILLS: Fun games and simple tricks to quickly improve your game.
  • FIXES: How to fix the flaws that cost you games.

Jerry has an easy and simple teaching style as demonstrated in this video: